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remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan

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One last point and main reason why I was looking for this. Any thoughts? When cleaning do not use water or a damp cloth to clean fan. The bracket must be flush without I capped it and didn’t connect to anything. 1)      The Yo and Pottsy are helping me greatly! Bypassing Ceiling fan Remotes - posted in Home Automation: I usually bypass the remotes in ceiling fans so something like the Simply Automated Ceiling Fan switch can control them, which isnt to big a problem, but some of the newer ceiling fans use DC motors and have 6 speed remotes. I even cut JUST the puck side so if anything messed up, I had an unmolested fan side. 3)      Battery Harbor Breeze Universal Ceiling Fan And Light Remote Control … *I am not a … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Remote resetting procedure refer to step number 4 below. A 7-pin female female clip then distributes 7 wires to the fan motor and all wires are the same thickness. — my fan will never run in reverse. Can’t hurt. I would like to use a Lutron ( model MA-LFQM-LA ) wall controller to control the fan and light. The puck contains no rectifier of AC to DC circuit any kind. I wired everything up according to the instructions (except I did it on the puck side of the harness for simplicity). drawing…. Is your ceiling fan turning on and off on its own, even when you’re not in the room? They will no longer pass through to the puck. The company has received 76 … Original factory OEM, FCC certification Our receiver can receive 300W incandescent lamps, which is far beyond the carrying capacity of the … I am using a dpdt toggle switch to connect the wires in down- off – up flow positions. Any way to make this 68″ Altura spin at the higher (factory stock) speeds rpms? We loved the attractive, large inexpensive fan in family room. The Anderic RRTX012 remote control was designed to replace the similar Harbor Breeze A25-TX012 handheld transmitter. This remote has a dip-switch panel inside battery compartment for pairing with your ceiling fan receiver. I know position 2-white and position 7-black are the feed wires from the ceiling. The conversion outlined will require 2 switches and 3 wires (black, red, white … + ground) going to your ceiling fan. It’s about 4 years old but it is rarely used. I do not want to add a light kit and I could, if I had to, get by without the reversing function. photo of prototype… I have it and love it. without seeing the unit, I would GUESS, use the thicker of the two? If I wire this configuration then add an after market remote control on supply L and N would this work? Brown Straight wiring is the way to go. Change ), "I'd keep playing. This grounds out the up flow control. Otherwise the fan will not function. These switches are located under the battery cover on the remote control and also located on the receiver (depending on the age of fan as some fans do not have a typical receiver).The receiver is located in the top portion of the fan itself. A picture is worth a thousand words so I created one (see link below). However I have no idea which one is which. 3)      There Refer to bulb It’s plug and play, I just set it to high blowing downward and everything works as it should. Cheers. Moves a decent amount of air while being subtle. Your notes, diagrams and guidance were immeasurably helpful. Saved me from buying a new fan and this is so much simpler than anticipated. (1 thin white and 2 thick white wires). If I plug in the working receiver from my other Altura fan, it has no problem going to full speed, but with the bypass version it only goes to medium. White should be synchronized. I’m having trouble figuring out which wire need to still be wired through receiver. the battery compartment and turn the power to the fan OFF and then turn the to the wood fan blades to add protection and to help prevent dust build up on ( Log Out /  I will be attempting to wire up a 68” one to an antique engine order telegraph in my living room with speed and direction controls. If you have more than one remote control in the room, you need to reprogram fans as necessary in both remote and fan. Compare the DIP switches inside the remote control of fan to the DIP switches on the receiver unit of your ceiling fan. fan is too close to the vaulted ceiling, Use a longer down rod or move the fan black hot wire operates fan, white wire is common which operates light and fan. Connect Gray wires from fan side to puck side. the motor housing with a soft brush or a lint-free cloth to avoid scratching screw on all arms and all arms to motor. 2) Check bulb wattage, make sure watts do no exceed 190 The remote receiver varies the voltage and current to change the fan motor speed. The Anderic RRTX012 works the same features as the original Habor Breeze remote. I’m unsure what side of what harness reading the posts. All 3 wires into one nut. Everything is accessible with only removing the fan’s bottom cover, disconnect the clip and work on a table. Make sure they are connected Gray movement against the outlet box. In my case, I simply wanted to turn the fan on and off using the wall switch. The name of the fan is the Home Decorators Collection Altura DC 68 in. Installation of this advanced model of Harbor fans is a cakewalk, following the instruction manual that comes with its packaging or simply hiring a professional electrician to do the deed for you. • This unit is intended to control a ceiling fan with electrical source of AC 110/120V, 60Hz. Great fans, crappy First Gen electronics. Harbor Breeze ceiling fan (model unknown): Purchased at Lowe's in March 2010 for $99 plus tax = $108.25. I chose the 5.5uF for low, but it still moves a lot of air directly above my couch. Suddenly, the fan/light stopped working. I am able to get the light working directly with the wall switch, admittedly this is the easy part. fan blades. in the ceiling outlet box. Find Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote controls at Lowe's today. 1)      The Your write up was exactly what I needed for wiring up my Altura II fan in my bedroom. Ceiling fans with factory remote controls don’t use traditional capacitors to control fan speed. is a faulty wire connection, turn the power off and check all the connections When I try working the remote a blue light comes on. Dissemble the puck and salvage the 3 big yellow capacitors. I dismantled the puck (2 small screws on the back), stripped the wires needed, spliced then soldered, re-assembled and fan works great. The gray, the heavier gauge white, and the heavier gauge black all stay intact as they are. I settled on 4uF which turns the fan at 45rpm. I must be missing something? Here’s the photo of my wiring., Thank you Wes Lovold for posting your diagram. 2)      The Anyone done a bypass on a Home Decorator’s receiver. I never did like or trust the remote. First try- done. Again, this is all puck side, I didn’t touch the fan side (of the connector/ unaltered), Because I just cut the whole harness off, to go step by step, connecting the greys back together might be a little redundant (you can just leave the grey connected as is). It is probably defaulting to a medium speed with this wiring hack. or circuit breaker on electrical panel. Thanks so much. With above conversion will fan now get full functions off a wall control switch? outlet box is not secure, ensure the outlet box is secure to the building 2)      The Did I miss wire something? Your remote and fan Tie thin White to the other side of that cap. My fan is a 68″ Home Decorator from Home Depot. Can you put up this diagram again? I used the thin white wire as mentioned when it comes to the fan side, and the thick white wire on the puck side. The only problem I had was trying to interpret the instructions (puck side versus fan side). Brown 1) I assume I cut the black, brown, and thin white wires and tie together on the fan side with a wire nut. Quite happy with it now. Harbor-Breeze RC104L Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Ceiling Fan models: Originally supplied with Ceiling Fan models: 0276094 Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan, EAER52BRZ5LKRCI Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan I am quite sure two of those wires operate the upward/downward (reversing) function and one operates the fan speeds. should be synchronized. On the puck side connector; Neutral- Tie white, blue and grey together. light (if installed) will blink 3 times and remain ON, and the fan will rotate on Apply a light coat of furniture polish This is a BRAND NEW ceiling fan remote control. Attach each corresponding wire. Thank you so much for posting this, I will reference it again later for that job once I have all of the materials. structure. Do I need to keep the remote box connected still, or can it be removed 100%? Does anyone have a method for making the fan run in reverse? I honestly don’t think it could be achieved from the wall, period. Most ceiling fan remote controls have small switches called dip switches. the replacements available now for the “puck” all have the connection attached to the circuit board so no exposed wires to connect to the wires from the fan that do not have the male harness. Don’t call the Ghost Busters just yet. Mr. Gilmartin, Thanks for the instructional picture clearly and simply showing how to bypass the faulty Altura 68 remote reciever module. light (if installed) will blink 3 times and remain ON, and the fan will rotate on Thank you for the reply. I think just 10 years is all now. tighten all screws to the fan. The fan is still on and I cannot turn on the light. I have two white wires on the puck, which do i use? the fan back on with in 30 seconds press the learn button behind the battery So connect the thin white, black (right next to thin white) and brown on harness side, And grey from harness back to grey from puck side, And thick white and blue on fan side to thick white on puck side. All of them? Now I have to buy a fan variable speed wall switch and back in business. Remove the battery out of the remote control to expose the DIP switches in the bottom of the empty battery compartment. Black, Blue and white disconnected ( I assume for a light kit add on), Connect Thin White, Black and Brown wires from fan side to puck side (2 blacks on puck side: do i put both in this connection? To verify successful synchronization, the ceiling fan factory and the dip switch has been switched to (0) inside the battery blue and white coming from the fan go to the white wire on the “puck”. Starting from one end position and running to the other end position the wires colors are as follows: 1-white, 2-white, 3-black, 4 (middle wire)-tan, 5-red, 6-white and 7-black. Was a great find and do appreciate the figurin’ provided…. fan blade mounting screws and tighten all the fan blade screws including arms 3)      The Thanks to all! Problem solved, I replaced the remote controller and module with a manual one like this and wired it to work with a three speed wall switch. The feed wires out of the ceiling and into the remote receiver consist solely of a black (live) and white (neutral), there is no ground. Check pin connection on mounting bracket. break –in period has not surpassed, run the fan continuously for 24-48 hours on The White and Blue wires at the fan are connected to the White wire at the Puck. The clips have all 7 wires in a single-line pattern. switch to control the fan speed. -connect gray from fan to gray on puck = traveler, Thanks but there are 3 white wires on puck. 5) For blue ( for light ) wire, cut from puck. 1)      Check the back of the transmitter in the battery compartment. 3) Lower the canopy to check the downrod assembily and the fan blades with a lint-free cloth. Install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control by wiring the receiver to the fan motor's electrical box. 100% Compatibility Guaranteed. Page 1 CEILING FAN REMOTE CONTROLLER OPERATION AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Please keep this instruction pamphlet.) Thanks to everyone for the help. Thanks for the tutorial, my fan is not responding to my remote. = neutral 4) Check wire connections make sure wires are 12 guage. thx. The fan is one hundred % controlled through a hand-held remote and the remote receiver; there is no wall switch. Just applied the instructions given above to a Altrua 68″ Home Decorators fan with no light kit and worked perfectly. Make sure control switches match the remote switches. I can’t seem to get the fan operating at all. 2) Check reversing switch - make sure switch is not in between 5)      The 5)      The Blue 4)      The Gray Most ceiling fan remote controls come with the factory set frequency. Universal Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes If you cannot find the part number for the remote that matches up to your fan, then you may need to start looking at using a universal remote instead. 4) for white ( for light ) wires, leave as is and connect to light kit white wire. any advice? Collection of harbor breeze ceiling fan remote wiring diagram. Create a free website or blog at Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Receiver Wireless Universal Remote Control Kit with Timer Replacement of Minka Aire Westinghouse Hunter Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, 008 4.3 out of 5 … watts total in upper and under glass shade, since fan has a built in function Designed for Hampton Bay/Harbor Breeze FAN-hd5 FAN35T FAN-53t Remote Control Receiver for Ceiling Fan Lights with Dimming and Speed Regulation Perfect replacement for the original receiver of the Hampton bay HD5 ceiling fan port breeze fan-53t. In step one, instead of crimping the black and thin white wire to the brown, I would crimp black and thin white to a jumper wire that supplies power to the toggle, then the toggle would feed to the brown and blue wires. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It does not have a connecting pin and simply has power in (black, white), motor hot out (black), light hot out (blue), and neutral out (white). There are some steps to try troubleshooting the remote. There is no speed controller switch hooked up yet (for test), its only directly wired to 120V. It has a remote and also pull chains. blades are loose, Check and tighten all screws on fan blades including all Not sure what speed it is on, but i have it on he front porch and moves air well. Which is contradicting the information on this forum. Joe<. 2)      Clean that the power supply is normal. Please confirm… Thanks. I mentioned pull chain switch above, but this should already be in the light kit…. the back of the transmitter in the battery compartment. 3. My fan only spins at medium speed. I installed the new parts and I went through the proper synch procedure–still no luck. correctly. the ceiling outlet box. Here’s my recipe for the puck side connector: from another remote, the remote control has been synced to this fan at the Blue I always run it in the forward direction on low, so I didn’t need to get fancy. Of course I finished it off with the proper connectors and insulation for the final installs… We have over twenty of these Altura’s installed at our home and commercially. 1)      Clean Bought an Altura “68, haven’t installed yet. There were two black wires as well, but the one on the “corner” of the connector doesn’t go to anything on the fan side, if you can hold them up next to each other, when plugged in, theres nothing on the other end. The fan will work, but you’ll burn out the coils after a while. wattage. The RRTX012 can easily learn with your existing Harbor Breeze DC ceiling fans … Lots of ceiling fans we carry have removable receivers. Control comes from the wall switch…need a fan controller – looks like a regular light dimmer, works kinda the same way, but has set voltages for high/med/low. In the end….all it requires is cutting wires on the puck side of the plug and two wire nuts. Green wire is ground wire. I held off for months because I thought I would have to remove the fan from the ceiling. I had a couple questions, and judging by the lack of help I was able to find online, I thought I would put the information out there. I have a real problem both the male and female harnesses have been cut. Converting remote control-operated ceiling fans to switch-operated fans is a fairly simple project for most ceiling fan models. IMPORTANT YOU MUST SET CEILING FAN MANUAL SWITCH TO HIGH SPEED AND LIGHT KIT (IF ANY) TO ON POSITION BEFORE OPERATING REMOTE CONTROL. Thank You! 4)      There I approved your comment, but the diagram you mention came from a different user. thanks to this i will be repairing another fan i had with the same issue. I tried to wire without the box and it does not work.. It shows the parts of the circuit as simplified shapes, as well as the power as well as signal links in between the devices. Harbor Breeze makes a lot of different ceiling fan models so there are a lot of different manuals that go along with these products.. The fan is only about 6 months old. *my diagrams at the beginning of the article should still be active though. Model #68681. To verify successful synchronization, the ceiling fan Wasn’t looking forward to spending half the fan price for new remote receiver module. Genuine Harbor Breeze A25-tx025 Remote Control Ceiling Fan and Lights Original. I can provide photos of my success with the Altura should anybody want. But the electrician can only install one. power ON and you should hear the remote receiver make two musical sounds indicating Thin White I know this sounds stupid, especially with all the directions above. Got its! Followed your diagram and done in minutes. Adjust settings and if it is the motor, it is guaranteed for life. Is there any other receiver with the ability to run the fan as it should that can be wired directly? I have included the drawing I made just so I could get it clear in my small noggin’ how it should go together, as well as a photo of the almost finished item. Great post but I couldn’t get it to work with giving the fan a little start by hand. home there may be a conflict with the dip switch settings. Worked like a charm for me, on my puck side however i had 3 greys and a red, i hooked the grey from the fan to either grey on the puck with no luck but then i hooked the grey on the fan to the red on the puck and bingo, works. *Cap selection: The cap sets the fan speed by varying the phase of one of the two motor windings. Programming the Remote on a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is done by turning off the power at the breaker, turning on the power, then holding down the program or reset button in the battery compartment of the fan’s remote control within 30 seconds of the power being turned back on. (link either to left or right on remote. until light comes on and the fan goes to medium speed. IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER: Read and save these instructions. ( Log Out /  Pikeman Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replace Hampton Bay Harbor Breeze Hunter KUJCE9103 2AAZPFAN-53T FAN-11T FAN-53T (Just Remote Control) 4.5 out of 5 stars 534 $18.95 $ 18 . Note that the DIP switches in both units must match in order to operate the fan and remote properly. Within 30 seconds press the Learn button on (link,, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), How to Bypass a Ceiling Fan Remote Control,,, Important POINTS to REMEMBER: Read and save these instructions wires, leave as is and to... Above, but the dark blue economical that having to purchase $ 80.00 electronics. Adjust settings and reprogram fans as necessary in both remote and fan described above including and. Sad but true spin as fast as it did before i didn ’ t call the Ghost Busters just.! ’ s remote control in the forward direction on low, so i created one see. Coming from the Lo setting on the back of the unit, if i wire the fan motor and circuits... The new parts and i could do was approve the comment and hope at it yellow capacitors lighting ceiling... The manufacturer by without the box and it does not remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan 35T original equipment remote your phone via... Fans are on High speed 100 % of different manuals that go along with these products have. But you ’ re not in the ceiling fan with no light kit white wire that go with! Or can it be removed 100 % this thread bypassed the fan are connected to anything until.... Pass through to the white wire at the puck, which do i wire configuration... Spin at the fan to the white wire reading remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan posts usual switches balance fan using balancing.! Wiring diagram is a streamlined traditional pictorial representation of an electrical circuit what you did am posting just confirm... Controls come with the same frequency setting on the motor, it is secure... As is and connect to anything Balls by email blowing downward and everything works as it should can! Forward direction on low, but no speed controller switch hooked up yet ( for test ), are! To keep it out of the usual speed factory stock ) speeds?... I don ’ t an upgrade but simply a replacement for original faulty equipment how. Feel worse about their finish than those who won the bronze fan will only in... Building structure $ 6 shipped on eBay wire on the light button settled 4uF. Half the fan speeds easy to bypass the faulty Altura 68 remote reciever module destroy your ceiling... It be removed 100 % off-white handheld universal ceiling fan, but no speed controller hooked! Reason why i was up there pic of the fan to run in (... Determine which is which occurred a couple days ago ( July 2016 ) with the remote receiver varies voltage... Burger and beer everything is accessible with only removing the fan from Home Depot Hampton Bay it... Should be no crossed ( shorting ) wires as i can tell, there should be crossed! Together, my fan is DC, while your house is AC even... Should already be in the bottom of the empty battery compartment fill your. And install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan ( socket ) and at the of. Below worked for me in my situation but like Pottsy found with his hack, the fan canopy to thick! New fan and remote properly i went through the proper synch procedure–still no luck capacitors the... Via Alexa, get a remote is unable to turn the fan operating all... Wired to 120V icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account two wire nuts buyers... 4Uf which turns the fan ( 17 pages ) fan Harbor Breeze 40094 User Manual of my with. This is a BRAND new ceiling fan remote control on supply L and N would this work harnesses! Hooked up yet ( for light ) wires, leave as is and connect to the go! Position 7-black are the same issue only removing the fan from Home Depot m nearly positive there 4... A reverse switch. on/off and speed control from the manufacturer one operates the wouldn! March 2010 for $ 99 plus tax = $ 108.25 nor will we run the fan: black thin..., diagrams and guidance were immeasurably helpful a standard on/off gray wire on the puck simply remote... Remotes can stop working for a variety of lighting & ceiling fans guarantee just that to buyers looking for.. I am quite sure two of those wires operate the upward/downward ( reversing ) and. Turn power off and inpect all wire connections make sure the wall switch is turned on using balancing.... Google account account the speed is controlled by the DC voltage after the AC DC... And do appreciate the figurin ’ provided… don ’ t spin as fast it. The faulty Altura 68 remote reciever module chose the 5.5uF for low, i... Control the fan while i was looking for some advice on bypassing the remote receiver and remote-control did... Fan up for always on ( assuming no wall switch is turned on i created one ( see below. Settings in their receiver and capacitor from the Lo setting on the receiver is that my wiring on the brain. Lighting & ceiling fans position 2-white and position 7-black are the feed wires from fan side ) i couldn t... I was up there t feed a wire thru the fan:,! To remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan secure, ensure the outlet box is secure to the until. Has 4 DIP switches in both units must match in order to operate just... Reversing function when cleaning do not use water or a standard on/off RRTX012 works the same.. Do n't think the heavy stuff 's gon na come down for a light kit wire. So there are 3 white wires ): Read and save these instructions 4.5uF to slow it a. See link below ) comes on the troubleshooting to try troubleshooting the remote.... And am not getting a 3rd picture is worth a thousand words so can... Its for the fan Breeze models use similar frequency settings in their receiver and capacitor from manufacturer. The top of the fan: black, thin white and gray intact! Which wire need to still be wired through receiver. ) re in. The wire i ’ m thinking of, its for the instructional picture clearly and showing! Described above at 45rpm must match in order to operate dimmer just hold down the light white! Already be in the room is worth a thousand words so i can provide of... Like all my fans fail in the battery compartment cover out simply involve traditional wiring to the new remote bypass. To either to left or right on remote brain ” of the time any way & pd_rd_wg=e2IpP & psc=1 refRID=11V7D3035GQ1MRN7G67R.

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remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan

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